ALDI: Papercraft Christmas
The Backroom

An Elf and a Villain (Sr. Trasto) were the main characters of Aldi's Christmas to explain the story of how Christmas letters become presents for children. I designed them for a Special Christmas Aldi Magazine, a downloadable papercraft figure, Social Media videos and a games Microsite.

Creative Director: Maite Carrillo
Copywritting: Driss Abrouk 
Art Direction: Anna de Mas, Pedro Bellido
3D Renders: Lucas Pigliacampo


You can see the "How to do your Sr.Trasto figure" on Facebook.

Children are excited when Christmas come. How would they be if they could know where their letters to Santa are in each moment of their holidays? We created a microsite that acts like a christmas letter's tracker. Everyday children can unlock games and animations and help the elves in their journey. ("¡¿Ha llegado ya?!"):