Vallas incívicas

"Vallas incívicas" (Incivious billboards) is the first Outdoor campaign created for being interfered by urban artists. Advertising saturation in big cities is one of the main causes for the decrease of impact and effectiveness of outdoor ads. Moreover, graffitis, drawings or other "vandalisms" are used to be seen in billboards and ads. Paradoxically, this drawings make the ads more visible for the passersby. So, we decided to take advantage of this to announce the release of the new Škoda Karoq, favoring its design and rejuvenation of the brand.

  • 3 billboards in the center of Madrid and Barcelona.
  • 3 well known urban artists.
  • Live action in front of a lot of citiziens. 
  • A contest for young artists with a good prize: Drawing a new Škoda billboard as this 3 great illustrators.
  • +100.000 views in Social Media.